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Regina and Mary Margaret crying and holding hands and apologizing to each other was the most beautiful scene I’ve watched on Once. Their development deserves all the awards. I am so impressed with both of them.”

Can we get an apology from REGINA for killing Snow’s father? And ruining her life?

If you want that then snow needs to apologize for telling cora about Daniel which lead to his death . Which was the start of all her problems

Snow DID apologize to Regina for that, repeatedly. (In the flashback for the last episode of season 1, as Mary Margaret in mid-season 1, and countless other S1 flashbacks which showed she felt remorse and held herself responsible for wrecking Regina’s life.) Regina being a jerk about the apology doesn’t nix the fact that Snow’s the only one in this “beautiful”relationship who’s always apologizing for awful shit she’s done when Regina basically made a career out of torpedoeing Snow’s life and Snow has to get even a Hook!shrug “sorry” from her.
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Percy Jackson! With Annabeth, Tyson, and Grover in an insane taxi driven by the Gray Sisters from Sea Of Monsters. Its the doofiest series, I don’t care. I love it! Grover is da bes. 

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So gross that Cora and Regina orphaned Snow, and Snow’s the only one of these three who’s ever had to apologize for killing a parent.

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Belle really is a part of the team now.


They’ve basically added a well of information and badassery to team Nevengers.

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Realms in the Once Upon A Time universe

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Henry from Once Upon a Time is extremely annoying.


Even his own mother thinks he’s annoying. She doesn’t need to say it with worlds she says it with her body language. 

Which mother? Because I agree Regina shows that often enough (which tbf says as much about her as Henry), Emma not so much.

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You’d think that Rumple would have warned Regina about her jealous, homicidal half-sister…

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It always surprises me how many SF/CS/SQ shippers hate Emma. They constantly bitch on how she's so mean or whatever, yet they still see her as essential to their favorite character's happiness. How do you ship something, yet hate half of the ship? I get hating things the character does, especially if they're an antihero or a villain, but how they verbally abuse Emma is really disgusting at times. She's not on OUAT as nothing more than a love interest. In fact, she's the hero.
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I completely agree, I’m so tired of ships hating on Emma because she doesn’t do what “they” want her to do.

She is her own person and is not just a love interest, she will do what she wants. 

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Do you think Tracy/The Mother and Max are in Heaven being all angelic and in love, and sometimes they look down on Ted and face-palm because “omg he’s such an idiot, he went back to her” and things like that?

I do.

If they’re angelic and in love together wtf would they care who Ted’s getting horizontal with back on Earth?